Here's where our services shine.

Web Design & Content Creation

Your online presence is where you usually make your first impression with customers - we help you make it great and memorable.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is THE tool you use to keep customers engaged and attract new ones. We do social media management and ad campaigns.

Email Marketing & Text Marketing

Email and SMS are ideal tools to reach customers to promote products or services with measurable results. They also help you grow future customers.

Digital Campaign Management

Combining today's dynamic digital channels into comprehensive campaigns allows ROI measurement, so you maximize profitability.

Content Strategy

Content is the tangible resource that helps customers to find value in what you offer. We help to plan, schedule and reach customers when, where and in ways that they want it.

Event/Sales Support

We have 20 years experience in sales and event support. From event microsites, email marketing, presentations, slideshow creation or video creation. We can do it.


Jeff Garner has been the analytics guy at all the organizations he's worked for the past 17 years. Google Analytics has been a primary tool for website optimization along with Excel.

CMS Strategy

We have decades of experience with enterprise CMS systems, that includes entire university website redesigns. We know how to bring your site to life with WordPress, HubSpot, and more.

20 Years of Higher Ed Marketing Experience

Why This Matters:

Higher ed marketing is challenging because you have to reach and engage future students, keep current students tuned in and then you have to keep parents and alumni informed so that they care about the opportunities and services offered. You constantly adjust to a changing audience with student age people and adults of all ages.

  • Managed and guided the technical and creative teams that designed and supported the university websites, digital marketing initiatives SEO and overall analytics.
  • The website generates 19 million pageviews annually. Served on numerous technical, strategy, ADA, digital badge, and emergency communications committees.
  • Planned and implemented the website CMS, email marketing, and approximately 100 other online tools.
  • Developed relationships and managed outside agencies as part of multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Served as subject matter expert on digital marketing for alumni and UCF Foundation communications teams.
  • Created the web/social media network infrastructure to support our mission and marketing goals.
  • Served as a digital strategist responsible for helping senior management define and implement marketing programs and services using technology to strengthen alumni relations ROI.
  • Managed vendor relations and infrastructure to support over 250 microsites that served the Duke community. 
  • Developed the editorial calendar and maintained a flow of content to constituents and business partners.

Sample Projects

Digital marketing servies and campaigns that Jeff Garner worked on at FGCU through Nov. 2022. (Video by FGCU videographers, 360 by Jeff Garner)

Jeff’s work included an extensive amount of campaign strategy, target marketing, segmentation and working with vendors to budget and launch the campaign that totals nearly a $600,000 investment by FGCU. Jeff contributed to campaign elements for digital marketing, OTT, Billboards, print, TV and radio. Many elements were produced in-house by the talented FGCU team.

Video production by FGCU videographers

FGCU Comprehensive Campaigns

Example of 360/VR video

JeffGarner.com digital marketing services sample of 360 photos and videos.