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With 25 years experience supporting countless events for universities and corporations, we know the strategies, tactics and tools to use to help you be successful.

Event Marketing Basics
  • Clearly define your target audience: Understand who you are trying to reach and tailor your event to their interests and needs.

  • Set specific goals: Determine what you hope to achieve with your event, such as increasing brand awareness or generating leads.

  • Create a compelling event theme: Develop a unique and interesting theme that will grab people’s attention and make them want to attend.

  • Use social media effectively: Utilize social media platforms to promote your event, engage with attendees, and share updates and highlights.

  • Leverage partnerships and sponsorships: Partner with other organizations or businesses to expand your reach and provide added value to attendees.

  • Create a great experience: Make sure the event is well-organized, has great speakers, and provides an overall enjoyable experience for attendees.

  • Follow-up and collect feedback: After the event, follow up with attendees to collect feedback, and use that feedback to make your next event even better.