About the project
Commercial Fuel Delivery and Disaster Recovery Support

United Fuel Direct is a team  provides a comprehensive approach to emergency fuel management that is committed to supporting our clients 24/7, 365 days a year with capabilities to include unleaded gasoline, diesel, and Jet A, mobile vehicle fueling, temporary fuel depots, and fuel logistics.

United Fuel Direct site


The Challenge

United Fuel Direct was a new company when we began working with them. We were excited to bring the company’s site to life with advanced technology and digital marketing tools that provide a site that’s fast and engaging for customers.

What we did

The Solution

We began by working with the owner to determin the end goals for the site. We were given foundational messaging that we used to build upon.

  • We setup hosting services
  • We installed WordPress and supporting plug-ins
  • SEO was critical, so we setup Yoast to manage meta data and optimization.
  • We setup the email accounts and associated comunication connectors for the owner.
  • Google Voice was configured so the customer calls would be delivered to company contacts for immediate service.

Results & Stats

The Results

We continue to manage his website and support the company owner. All content is maintained to provide engaging content for customers and the owner continues to be very pleased with everything we create. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with the United Fuel Direct team.

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